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When it comes to having success with selling products on Facebook (f-commerce), there are many factors to consider.  Keep in mind, that while some major corporations like Disney and Coca-Cola are having success, it does not mean that every business will.  There’s no set formula that will help you be successful with f-commerce and it’s still widely considered new and experimental.

If you’re serious about selling products on Facebook, make sure the products are niche, unique and consumer-focused.  If a consumer can purchase the same product in your store or on your website, why would that person choose to buy from your Facebook store?  Also, only use products that are part of a current trend or products that can be categorized as ‘impulse’ buys.  Products that would benefit from social reinforcement at the point of purchase can also do well on Facebook.  Word of mouth from a friend can help push a buyer from being indecisive to making a purchase.

There are many f-commerce best practices, as well as tactics to avoid using, to ensure the greatest possible success on Facebook.  A few best practices include nurturing relationships developed through Facebook, content creation (top industry news or original content to keep fans coming back), and asking for engagement from your fans.

F-commerce tactics to avoid include the ‘build it, and they will come’ mindset, posting sporadically, and forgetting to acknowledge your fans.  Setting up an f-commerce store is not a one-time project.  Your business has to be willing to put the time and effort into it to make it a success.

To get maximum exposure for your products included in your Facebook store, consider the following:

  • Use storefront to communicate the latest company announcements, product developments or sales by incorporating your Wall and Twitter feed tabs.
  • Use eye-catching images to keep potential buyers’ attention.
  • Utilize the ‘like,’ ‘share’ and tweet buttons to launch your products into your fans’ news feeds.
  • Use the ‘promote’ button to create a wall post with a product image and your own custom message to easily drive awareness and traffic to your storefront.
  • Grow your fan base by utilizing the ‘fan discount’ feature and incentivize prospects to “like” your page to receive a discount.
  • Gain new buyer trust via reviews and testimonials from your current fans through the reviews/feedback feature.
  • Utilize the ‘rate the seller’ tab.  

If you aren’t already using f-commerce techniques to sell your products on Facebook, now is the time to start.


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