Can You Find Success with Facebook Commerce (f-Commerce)?

There are quite a few reasons to doubt the effectiveness of f-commerce (Facebook commerce).  However, with the amount of people on Facebook and the time they spend on the site, it’s clear that if done right, e-commerce stores on a business Facebook page can be extremely beneficial.

It seems that industry leaders themselves have varying opinions about how successful a Facebook store can actually be.  For instance, some people believe there’s no future in f-commerce whatsoever while others, including Mark Zuckerberg himself, claim it’s ‘the next big thing.’

Angry Birds even threw itself into the f-commerce arena when it recently launched in Facebook by allowing players to purchase toys, playing cards, backpacks and more.

No matter what your opinion on Facebook storefronts is, f-commerce isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  So if it makes sense for your business, you need to embrace it.  Ecwid, the 2nd largest f-commerce platform, feels that an e-commerce app on Facebook pages can boost sales by 15% through a study that analyzed more than 2,000 of their accounts.

What most businesses do not understand is that social media is a two-way street.  There is a big difference between traditional marketing channels and social media channels.  That’s why ROI is difficult to measure.  There is no ROI in acquiring new fans alone, but if you put in the time you will be able to monetize your fan base.

Here are a few steps to help successfully promote your products or brand on Facebook:

  • Fan Acquisition – create a compelling reason for someone to ‘Like’ your page
  • Be a Giving Brand – give something of value to your fans
  • Measure Engagement – when you have 10% of your fan base talking about you, you are approaching the time to start monetizing your fans
  • Exclusive Deals – tell your fans they are receiving this deal simply because they are a fan – this can get you more fans just from word-of-mouth
  • Attach Viral Discounts – should provide rewards to fans that purchase through an offer on Facebook

With all that said, keep in mind that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ template for being successful with f-commerce.  Instead, brands should listen to Facebook fans, experiment with techniques to drive advocacy, and continuously develop fan-stores to improve the user experience.


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  • There’s no doubt that F-commerce is the next step in the eCommerce evolution.
    We at StoreYa, see the amazing daily growth in merchants! Everyone wants a Facebook store these days!

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