Do Health IT Companies Need Social?

Throughout my experience at HIMSS earlier this month, I discovered that many health technology companies, including start-ups, ignored social media entirely. Or if they did participate, they didn’t spend quality time growing these accounts. Usually B2B companies face the question: Do we really need social? Does it even influence my audience’s purchase decisions? The questions are the same for health technology companies focused on getting the attention of healthcare organization CIOs.  Well, I decided to really investigate health IT and the influence of social media… here’s what I found:

Follow the GIANT health IT leader

GE has found success with Facebook apps for its major health technology products, which include MRIs and CT scanners. GE teamed up with Facebook to create a health app which resulted in nearly a billion people to interact with the app. The application generated some serious PR value and expressed the overall interest GE has in consumer health.

Your employees are ahead of the game

According to a recent Information Week article, 75% of healthcare employees use social media for professional purposes within their institutions. Are you monitoring the conversations your employees are having on social media? These conversations represent your organization and can attract new customers and keep current customers coming back. In fact, 60% of doctors believe social media improves the quality of care, so those 25% not involved in social media soon may be.

Opportunity to be heard loud and clear

There is an overall lack of healthcare CIOs involved in social media. Vala Afshar recently analyzed the Top 70 Social CIOs and discovered few from healthcare on this list, while CIOs in education and technology dominated. If you are a healthcare CIO or health IT company, you currently have a unique opportunity in social media to be heard. While technology CIOs are competing for audience attention, you can offer a new position and opinion easily to the social media world.

Convinced yet? While weaving social media into your digital marketing strategy may seem intimidating at first, remember it may take some trial and error to discover your unique voice. Don’t forget to welcome the wealth of data that social media provides and check out the archived slides from our recent webinar, “Using Social Media Data to Drive Real Business Results.”


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Health IT Market(ing) Opportunities

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