Consistency, Authenticity and the Secret to Success [Step 5 of 7] Episode #30

Express Yourself and Build Trust and Credibility

We all carry a content production and distribution studio in our hand (mine is an iPhone 6+) and video/audio platforms are the best way for charismatic individuals like you to break through the noise. Your knowledge and expertise, shared consistently and in a scalable way, will transform your relationships. This is the definition of Content Marketing.

Transformation Continues

In this episode we kick off with best practices for sales prospecting cold emails – and two opportunities for improvement. Social Selling is the way forward as we engage in relevant conversations and share our knowledge and expertise to solve customer problems.

Timestamps for Episode #30

  1. Mixing up the sales stack and looking at OneMob (1:30)
  2. John Kaplan books the meeting (3:45)
  3. Best practices for prospecting emails – what not to do (4:43)
  4. The challenges of the prospecting volume game (9:21)
  5. Elevating the sales profession (11:41)
  6. Be wildly consistent and make an appointment with your audience (12:15)
  7. The key to success and missing you when you’re gone (14:00)
  8. Musical break: Andrew Gold in my head (17:04)
  9. I’m afraid of Manfred Man (17:48)
  10. Social Selling breakdown (18:15)
  11. Unabashed love for Rainmaker.FM podcasts (20:06)

I look forward to your feedback and comments. What methods have you used to build trust and credibility?

Please do let me know.


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