Choose Your Friends Carefully…

Did you know you can increase your Google rankings just by making friends?

Now that I have your attention, let me clarify. There seems to be a correlation between people adding you to their Google+ circles and your ranking on Google search results.

In a recent blog post by Danny Sullivan from Search Engine Land, he stated that by liking a certain brand or person on Google+, they are more likely to show up in your search results. For example, he found if you became a “friend” of the Ford Motor Company, one of the few companies with a test brand page, they would be more likely to show up in your top results. However, if you signed out of Google+, Ford may not show up in the top results at all.

Since 2009, Google’s social search results have allowed content from people you know to rank higher if you are logged in. However, the function has never really worked for brands. If you followed or liked a specific brand on Twitter or Facebook, it was still unlikely they would actually show up in your results because of it.

So what’s the catch? As of now, you can’t create a brand page on Google+. Only a very small percentage of brands are actually being accepted. Eventually this will change, but for now, you can only use your personal page to show up in Google search results.

In the meantime, you can take advantage of Google’s +1 feature to help searchers make a direct connection with you. In the past, Google has mentioned that +1s can influence your ranking for those who have added a +1 to your content.

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