LinkedIn + Facebook = BranchOut

I recently got invited to a new Facebook application called BranchOut. I’m late to the game, considering there are already 300M users, but felt obliged to share my thoughts on the app with the world.

What I Like

The Possibilities!
I’ve stated numerous times that the combination of Google and LinkedIn would be tremendously huge for the Web marketing/advertising space. It would instantly make the one of the best Web marketing tools (AdWords) thousands of times more powerful and effective. Imagine if you not only knew what someone was searching for (Google), but also knew their job title, company and career info (LinkedIn). Holy moly, Batman! Facebook/BranchOut advertising would be very similar … not quite as awesome, but similar. Advertisers would be able to combine Facebook data with job data for much more targeted advertising.

The Interface
The app is very similar to LinkedIn, which makes it easy to use and understand. At the same time, it’s kind of boring given that it’s pretty much the exact same thing as LinkedIn … c’mon, a little creativity, people!? Regardless, the familiarity of the app won me over: it’s a “like.”

Additional Connections
Not all of my FB friends are on LinkedIn, which gives me more opportunities to connect with people on a professional level. Beyond this, there are only 100M+ users on LinkedIn and FB has 800M+, which multiplies the potential connections.

What I Don’t Like

Separation of Church and State
Believe it or not, one time I was a baby, and at one time a goofy adolescent … and yes, at one time a beer-guzzling college fratboy. All of the pictures, comments and events from those wonderful days of the past are something I’m not keen on sharing with my clients, my management team, employer, or employers-to-be. Don’t get me wrong, though: I still very much like beer. It just typically comes in a glass vs. a funnel and has more malts and flavor.

  • UPDATE:  As it turns out, I was incorrect with my statements above and BranchOut does NOT access or share information other than what you make public (photos, wall posts etc).  Thank you BranchOut team for the clarification and kudos on your responsiveness.  This is a perfect example of excellent reputation management, which is a service that Fathom offers.

All in all, I think I’ll stick with LinkedIn.  The only question is, How do I remove this app from my Facebook account?  Never mind, just found the button …

  • UPDATE: Let’s give BranchOut a shot.

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  • Hey Brad,

    I’m Ali, BranchOut’s Community Manager. Thanks for using BranchOut, we are glad you hear you like it! I want to clarify one major misunderstanding.

    A BranchOut professional profile is the solution to keeping your Facebook content private, while displaying your professional profile to your network, the world of recruiters, HR managers, and employers. Importantly, BranchOut only accesses information to help you establish your professional network and profile, such as your network of friends. We do not access or request your other personal information, such as status updates, wall posts, interests, check-ins and current location.

    BranchOut only shows your name, profile picture, work history, and education and other professional information you choose to share on BranchOut.

    Phew! Hope that helps clear up your confusion … would love it if you could please update your article to reflect the facts. Let me know if you have any questions.


    Ali Hillman

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