Blogging As Your Main Source of Internal Content Curation

Daiv & Joe Pulizzi at CMW 2012Fresh on the orange-hued heels of Content Marketing World 2012 (that’s me in the photo with CMW founder Joe Pulizzi – a really good guy and a huge fan of the color orange), I return to the realm of mortals bearing content marketing fire, like Prometheus, but with no punishment from higher beings expected.

One of the sessions I attended was led by Chris Baggot of Compendium – a content marketing platform – who spoke about using company blogs as the “hub” for internal content curation. What Mr. Baggot means by this is that your company’s blog is the best and brightest spot for generating fresh, searchable and indexable content on a daily basis – content that engines love and viewers will love to read. We at Fathom have been trumpeting this strategy for years and our blog continues to grow and expand exponentially. But Chris went on to add further strategic and sustainable tactics to his presentation.

In a nutshell, he advocates repurposing blog content for multiple applications, which makes tremendous sense since the content is there just waiting to be reused. Some of the ideas Baggot espoused concerning blog content are:

  • Combine several blog posts on the same subect matter together to create whitepapers
  • Take blog posts and turn them into conversational videos
  • Use blog posts for email newsletter content
  • Vice versa, since email newsletter content is not indexed by search engines, use that content to create new blog posts

These ideas are smart and highly “actionable” and they just make good sense for busy marketers with way too many tasks to handle and not enough time to create quality content. I hope you’ll consider utilizing them.

Or you can let Fathom make content for you!

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