Are You Tumbling?

If you haven’t heard it yet, you will: The buzz about Tumblr is getting louder.

New to Tumblr? This is a good place to start for a quick, business-tailored intro.

But essentially, Tumblr is a site that lets you host an easy-to-start-up blog in a social network. You can “follow” other blogs, “reblog” and “like” other people’s posts, and tag your own posts. The tagging becomes important because Tumblrs generally search for tags (or topics) rather than specific people or businesses like they would on Facebook.

This infographic gives you more quick facts on the growing social media platform. The most important one to pay attention to, though, is this:

Between June 2010 and June 2011, Tumblr experienced a 218 percent growth rate in the U.S., while Twitter and Facebook only showed a respective 31 and 14 percent growth.

This is huge for businesses who are considering adopting Tumblr as a new marketing tool. Even though the general consensus seems to be that “Tumblr isn’t for everyone” because of its slightly edgier crowd, it might not always be the case as it keeps growing. Remember that Facebook wasn’t for everyone at first, either.

Companies that will be able to most quickly adapt to Tumblr will be the ones that are highly visual or have access to lots of quality images (Tumblr is mostly image-focused). But as long as there are creative people on your online PR team, you can take advantage of Tumblr no matter your business.

If you think you want to jump in, take the rest of this quarter to sign in and scope the place out. Don’t worry about blogging just yet. In fact, it’s probably a good idea to avoid creating your own Tumblr presence until you get the hang of how people and businesses operate.

Once you feel more comfortable using Tumblr, start brainstorming possible topics and directions you’d like to take your own blog in. What will it focus on? How will it supplement your company’s website? How will it both attract and communicate with a new audience? See how seven companies have used Tumblr effectively for ideas on how to get started.

Come Q1 of 2012, you’ll be tumblin’ with the best of them on tomorrow’s next big social media giant.

Are you already Tumbling? How has it helped or presented challenges to your business?

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