Are You Sabotaging Your Social-Media Efforts?

If you’ve been using social media for some time and aren’t getting the results you want, don’t be so quick to blame your misfortune on the network or method you’re using. You could be doing yourself in by committing one of six common social media mistakes.  These mistakes were highlighted in a recent article written by Internet Marketing Specialist Kristi Hines entitled, Top 6 Social Media Mistakes and How to Fix Them.”

So what are these six deadly sins of social media? They are:

Having the wrong connections – A large number of followers does not mean that you’re reaching your target audience.  If you’re sending out announcements and not getting responses, this proves that point. You can help ensure that your connections are solid by using Twitter directories, such as Twellow, that search for members based on their profile description so you can boost your Twitter following with targeted followers.  You can also join groups on Facebook and LinkedIn and connect with other members who have similar interest.

Hiding your social media presence – By not publicizing your social media presence, you’re unintentionally hiding it. Promote your social networking profiles by simply adding social links on your website. You can also add your social links to emails, business cards and forum signatures.

Sending the wrong message – If you’re linking your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn profile with your business or blog on a specific subject, make sure your updates stick to the topic lines of your website. People who are going from one to the other will likely be doing so to learn more about you in relation to the theme of those sites. Don’t post random updates that contain foul language or trivial things like what you ate for lunch.

Using social media profiles for link building – If you’re thinking about just creating a social media profile so you can get a backlink to your site and don’t plan on doing anything with the profile, abort the mission. Don’t assume that once you have more than 100 social media accounts, they will automatically start benefiting you. You have to actually use them in order to see results.

Doing things that can be measured by ROI – Keep in mind that a solid social media strategy for your business will not necessarily create a measurable impact on your bottom line. If you just focus on ROI, you will miss out on valuable ways of communicating with your fans. Social media allows you to show off good customer service, manage crises, and engage with fans so you can create more loyalty to your brand.

Following too many rules of social media – When it comes to social media rules, one size does not fit all. Some rules may not apply to followers in your niche or industry. The best way to determine what works is to follow those who are successful utilizing social media specializing in the same subject area as you and analyze what they do.

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