Are You Generating Leads With Your LinkedIn Business Page?

4 Simple Tips To Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page

Many companies and individuals have been generating leads from LinkedIn for quite some time now, considering it central to their sales and marketing. Several features that businesses may not even be aware of can help drive more leads through a LinkedIn business page. By taking advantage of these, your page will not only stand out from the rest, but also help your company generate more leads by highlighting important products and services.

1.     Every LinkedIn Business Page Gets 3 Free Banners

LinkedIn Business Page Banner Image

Most companies do not know that they can actually upload 3 banner images that can link to outside landing pages under the “Products” section. These banners allow you to bring some creativity to your company page and highlight special products and services. The images need to be 640 x 220 pixels and should contain an important call-to-action that links to an outside landing page.

 2.     List Your Products and Services

LinkedIn Business Page Products and Services Image

Did you know that you can make a page for each of your products and services where users can leave recommendations? Each page should contain a product overview paragraph (ideally with strategic keywords) that highlights its value.

3.     Add a Video

Every product and service page has a dedicated spot where you can embed a YouTube video. This slot is located in the bottom right corner of the product or service page as pictured above. This video should be informational and engaging, rather than a pure sales video. Be sure to add a call-to-action to the end of the video.

4.     Add Personal Contacts to Each Product/Service Page

LinkedIn Business Page Contact Box

Every company offering you place on your LinkedIn business page can have specific contacts associated with it. This is a great place to link to your company’s sales manager or entire sales force. Including such information puts the visitor one step closer to contacting your company and becoming a hot lead.


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