Are You Advertising on LinkedIn?

Are you struggling to generate a profitable return on your investment through Google AdWords or Microsoft AdCenter? Even with consistent PPC management, optimization, and testing, your results may be stagnant at best compared to 2-3 years ago. Competition is continuing to increase in both Google and Bing, and therefore, so are your costs associated with advertising in this space.

If you’re advertising to other businesses, or even have a specific target market in mind, it’s about time you consider other options. Google AdWords allows you to target specific keywords that are searched; however, this does not guarantee you are targeting users most likely to convert or users in your target market.

LinkedIn Direct Ads is a relatively new media outlet in which you can generate a significant amount of leads for your business at a potentially much lower cost than in Google and Bing. More importantly, you can ensure you are targeting specific people that you know are most likely to convert into a sale, not just a lead!

LinkedIn Direct Ads allows you to target various demographics, including age, geography, job title, groups, company and gender. I believe the most valuable demographics to target for B2B lead-generation are:

  • Companies (includes specific company names or categories/industries of companies)
  • Groups
  • Job Titles (includes specific job titles or categories of job titles)

Let’s look at some specific industries and see how each could potentially target their intended audience:

  • Higher Education: Target specific groups related to the degree programs you offer such as “Finance Club” or “Finance Plus” for users interesting in studying finance. Also, consider casting a larger reach and target certain industries that relate to your degree programs, such as Accounting or Finance.
  • Information Technology: Target specific software groups such as Oracle Professionals, SAP Community, Cloud Computing, SaaS, & Virtualization, Telecom Professionals, etc. In addition, you could target the High-Tech Industry or target specific job titles such as “Director of Information Technology” at various companies.
  • Manufacturing: Target specific sub-industries within the Manufacturing industry, such as Automotive, Chemicals, Textiles, etc.

Things to keep in mind:

  • LinkedIn Direct Ads will have significantly lower click-through rates than Google and AdCenter search networks. Just like the Google Display network, users aren’t actively searching for you. In addition, the Direct Ads aren’t in the most prominent places, so many users may not even see your ads. For this reason, I recommend you use the CPC pricing model and not CPM.
  • LinkedIn Direct Ads need to be rotated frequently (similar to Facebook Advertising) or ad fatigue will occur. In addition, if your click-through rate drops below .02%, LinkedIn may completely stop showing your ads! Therefore, monitor this closely: change the small image and text of the ad often.
  • LinkedIn Direct Ads should be a supplement to your overall paid search strategy. It’s important to show up in both Google and Bing/Yahoo, but also stay top-of-mind in social media channels such as LinkedIn or Facebook.

For more information on LinkedIn Direct Ads, read the blog post “LinkedIn PPC Advertising.”

If you’re not advertising on LinkedIn, and your business seems like it might be a good fit, contact Fathom today to learn how we can help generate results that matter.


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