All You Need to Know About LinkedIn Company Updates

Have you noticed that some of the companies you follow on LinkedIn are suddenly popping up with status updates in your homepage news feed? If so, you’re experiencing the newest feature of company profiles on LinkedIn.

How it works:

It’s simple. With this recently released feature, companies with assigned administrators and whose company page is set to “designated admins only,” can share the latest news on the company directly with all of their followers.  Administrators will see a text box on the “Overview” tab of the company’s page in which they can enter updates up to 500 characters long, with links and multimedia as well.







See it in action:

Our company status was updated to promote a webinar we held on October 20. It was a great way to reach a professional audience who is already interested in Fathom’s services, and it allowed us to interact with our followers better. Once the update was posted, our employees re-posted or shared it on their personal LinkedIn profiles, which helped the announcement gain traction. We even had a follower comment on our status update.

Since any LinkedIn member can comment, like or share your Company’s status update, this new feature is a great way to build relationships with current customers, prospective customers and potential employees.

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