A Simple Social Media Lesson

There have been several recent gaffes by brands on social media. Many of them have been accidents, but they still reflect poorly on the organizations.

The most recent is Entenmanns. The brand sent an interesting tweet shortly after the Casey Anthony verdict was announced. Using the trending topic #notguilty, Entenmanns’ social media agency said they didn’t realize the trending topic was referring to the trial. The Twittersphere was abuzz about the tweet, and many thought it was an insensitive reaction to a surprising verdict.

Another blunder occurred when an employee of Chrysler’s (former) social media agency thought he was posting on his personal account, but his negative tweet about the Motor City was posted to Chrysler’s Twitter page.

Entenmanns and its social media agency have apologized. Chrysler also apologized and ended its relationship with its social media agency. These mishaps aren’t likely to affect the companies in the long-term, but incidents like this are a source of embarrassment and bad PR for brands. And something we’ll talk about in the social media world for a while.
Obviously negative incidents like this spread quickly. It is social media after all. There is a simple lesson to be learned from Entenmanns, Chrysler and the social media mishaps that came before them. Double check your updates, and use good judgment.

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