A Changing Facebook – New Ads and Insights

As we’ve all seen, Facebook has recently made many changes to the layout of the homepage and introduced the new Facebook Timeline for profile pages. But these are not the only changes in the works. Facebook also recently launched ‘Premium Ads,’ a new ad format for advertisers.

Premium Ads work similarly to sponsored stories on Facebook, which are created as people interact with your page.  With Premium Ads, the “story” of the interaction is the text of the ad, instead of pre-written ad copy or an image selected by the advertiser. For example, if an advertiser posts a comment or a video on its brand page, an ad composed of that content will be displayed. These ads are displayed to friends of fans, and they expand to show which friends have ‘liked’ them, which is much more engaging than a flat-text ad.

Premium Ads are not currently available on the self-serve platform of Facebook; so many small-budget brands will not have access. However, the format requires advertisers buying in to keep up with relevant content and videos beyond stagnant text updates, making for a better experience for users.

Another change in Facebook helpful to advertisers is the new tool, Page Insights. This tool will allow advertisers to monitor “friends of fans” and what is being talked about most on their brand pages. By looking deeper than just number of “likes,” advertisers can better see their return on investment. Additionally, Facebook has launched people talking about this, a feed that will pull relevant and public discussions from across the site. This, too, will create a better experience for users by forcing advertisers to stay relevant and engaged with their fans.

While these changes allow Facebook to make more money off of advertisers, they do also provide value. Staying relevant in social media is a must as the space continues to grow, and these features are a great way to keep up and track progress.

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