7 Steps to Transform Your Social Selling Strategy

Selling in the Age of Content Marketing at LinkedIn’s Sales Connect 2015

Anyone with passion, commitment and a unique perspective can change the world. Revolutions have been enabled by the smartphone, which has emerged as an incredible communications and learning device.

Our intent is not political. We’re focused on enabling a new generation of sales and marketing leaders to stand out above the noise by publishing their knowledge and expertise across video and audio platforms. These more expressive and engaging platforms are better suited for charismatic, articulate and busy professionals like you. And, you now have a full content production and distribution studio in your hand (in my case it’s the iPhone 6+.)

This illustration of your knowledge, published in a consistent content vehicle over time, builds trust and credibility with your prospects and customers. Applying content marketing strategy in this way on a personal level will kick your social selling strategy into the next gear.

Back to LinkedIn’s Sales Connect 2015 conference: Building relationships, trust and credibility was the focus of my Las Vegas presentation. “Publish or Perish: Selling in the Age of Content Marketing” outlines 7 steps and 1 hack to transform from a sales leader to a thought leader.

We staunchly believe that following this strategy will transform your relationships with your best prospects and clients. Please watch the video to learn more.

Sales Connect 2015 was a phenomenal event that truly delivered on its theme of “Connect, Inspire, Transform.”

The learning opportunities were incredible, yet the best part of the event was meeting great people and building enduring relationships. While this might sound trite, it was actually true.

We break down the ‘sales-leader-to-thought-leader’ process in greater detail on my YouTube channel and at my personal blog, PublishorPerish.FM.

Do you have questions about the intersection of content marketing and social selling? If so, please leave a comment or tweet to @JeffLHerrmann.

Think like a marketer, and sell like an animal.

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