7 Great Pinboards from Universities on Pinterest

Academics are a top deciding factor as students choose a college or university.  Beyond academics however, it’s important for universities to introduce their unique traditions, activities, and overall personalities to students seeking a traditional college experience.  Pinterest is a great platform for making that introduction.

Schools across the nation use Pinterest to feature unique, exciting and nostalgic aspects of their campuses via pinboards. Follow these tips from seven major universities to visually share your campus community and school spirit through Pinterest:

Give Students a Digital Tour Around Campus

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, around 13.8 million students will attend a 4-year public or private institution in 2013, and many of them will ask themselves “Where do I see myself living for the next four years?”  Seeing a physical campus helps them answer this question.  Encourage prospective students to picture your school as their new home by creating your own version of the following boards:

1.  Campus Tour Board:  “Our Beautiful Campus,” by Indiana University

This is the place to showcase favorite spots of students and faculty on campus, especially those extra special places that make your school unique.  Places steeped in tradition or historical significance make for good pins, as do spots that attract social gatherings, such as student unions and lawns.  The colorfully lit IU Art Museum is one piece of campus architecture that helps Indiana University stand out from the crowd.

2.  City Scene Board:  “Around Town,” by University of Michigan

Give prospective students an idea of off-campus life and a feel for the surrounding atmosphere.  Try posting images of the following:

  • Your college town during different seasonsColleges on Pinterest 1
  • Cityscapes
  • Popular restaurants (including pictures of food)
  • Entertainment venues
  • Museums
  • Landscapes
  • Landmarks
  • Any other places that appeal to college students. 

“Best of” city lists are also ideal for this type of board – as long as the cover image is as engaging as the list itself.

Show Off Your School Spirit

Pinterest is like a digital scrapbook that potential students can click through as they anticipate all of the memories they will soon make.  Create boards to show off your school’s traditions and student lifestyles.  Try including some of the following into your social strategy:

3.  College Traditions Board:  “Aggie Traditions,” by Texas A&M University

From game day rituals like Duke University’s “K’Ville” to learning an alma mater, pictures of students participating in traditions are a great way to differentiate your school. Although many college traditions revolve around game day, like Texas A&M’s “Midnight Yell” (featured via video), be sure to feature some customs outside of athletics for diversity and a wider appeal.

4.  School Colors Board:  “Orange,” by Syracuse University

Colleges on Pinterest 2Show pride in your school colors by featuring them on Pinterest.  Ideas include incorporating boards for color-themed recipes, clothing, dorm decorations and DIY home décor.  Several schools even share ideas for school-colored wedding themes. Syracuse is so proud of their signature color that they have a board dedicated to all things “Orange.”

5.  College Bookstore Board:  “Wahoo Stylin’,” by University of Virginia

Similar to the color method, you can experiment with posting images of collegiate gear.  Include clothing, gifts, knick-knacks, and DIY college crafts – pins that appeal to prospective students and their family, friends and even pets. 

6.  Mascot Board:  “Bucky Badger,” by University of Wisconsin

Mascots are more than simply characters who run around the field during a football game. They’re campus icons that lend themselves well to engaging images.  Snapping some photos of your mascot around campus extends your digital tour and shows school spirit.

7.  Instagram Integration Board:  “#pictureduke,” by Duke University  

Colleges on Pinterest 3You can use Instagram and Pinterest hashtags to get your student body involved in the pinning process.  What better way to display your campus than through the eyes of the students?  Duke leverages the popularity of Instagram and Twitter among its student body by asking undergraduates to post pictures using the hashtag #pictureduke.  Students who use the hashtag see their images displayed via a special pinboard.

What social strategies does your college or university use to illustrate your campus community?  If you’re looking for additional collegiate “Pinspiration” or guidance with other social media channels, post your questions below!


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