7 Engaging Ways to Start a Blog Post

If you’ve ever had trouble writing the first line of your blog post, you know just how frustrating this can be. You want to craft the perfect sentence that will draw your readers in, but not give away the whole entire blog post.  Starting your post is actually a lot easier than you might think. With these seven tips for opening your blog post, you’ll never worry about your opening line again.

  1. Start with a question. Opening your blog post like this is effective because it gets the reader to relate to what it is that you’re writing about. For instance, I could have started this blog post with: “Have you ever struggled to write the opening line of your blog post?”
  2. State a need or problem. I started this blog post using this method. Stating the problem using a personal tone can communicate that you empathize with the needs of the reader. Even if you don’t use a personal tone, you can still use this type of opening to communicate the need you plan to address in your post.
  3. Communicate the benefit of reading the post. If you start your blog post with the end result in mind, you’re telling the reader what they’ll get if they continue to read. This method is effective because it entices your reader to continue to read your post.
  4. Tell a story. Stories give your blog post a personal tone and draw readers in with something interesting and relatable. It’ll also make your blog post seem less preachy and more like a natural conversation.
  5. Make a claim. Although you’ll need to prove that you can back up whatever claim you make, stating a claim in your opening sentence can be very effective. I could have started this blog post with the claim, “After reading this blog post, you’ll never struggle to begin your blog posts again.”
  6. Start with a quote. If you choose to start your post with a quote, select a quote from an authority or from someone familiar to your audience. A quote adds interest to your post and makes readers want to read what comes next.
  7. Start with a controversial statement. Controversy is a great way to get people to take notice, but it’s a tactic that should be used with caution.

These seven tips only scratch the surface of the many writing techniques you can implement when beginning your corporate blog post. Do you have any fool-proof ways you start your blog posts? Leave a comment and share your ideas!

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