5 Steps To Increase Your Visibility on LinkedIn

A common question we get here at Fathom is, “I have a LinkedIn page–now what?” With over 230 million users, LinkedIn has solidified its place as the world’s leading network for professionals, and taking advantage of this enormous market is key for businesses today.

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Just having a personal or business page on LinkedIn is a great start, but there are many ways to make your presence on LinkedIn count for much more. Here are a few ideas we suggest to our clients:

  1. Post early and often. Make sure you’re posting status updates regularly to your company page—this is what helps grow your following and engages your followers. LinkedIn says that most of its users are active in the morning and at midday, so schedule your updates to send at those times for maximum reach and engagement.
  2. Include images in your posts. This applies to both personal posts and those from your company page. We regularly see higher engagement rates on posts with images included, especially those with color that stand out on users’ feeds. If you don’t have many images available, try using free images from Creative Commons or another site.
  3. Participate in LinkedIn groups. There are over 1.5 million groups on LinkedIn, many of them with very active and engaged members. Participating in these groups—with positive and informed comments—is a great way to help get yourself and your company noticed. You can find groups based on geography, industry, interests, and more. Think about where your customers might be, and start talking (and listening!).
  4. Utilize the (new!) insights on your company page. LinkedIn recently updated their company page analytics, making it much easier to see what types of posts your followers want to see. These insights now allow you to see the engagement rate and reach of individual posts, as well as compare your page to those of similar companies.
  5. Encourage your followers to connect with you on other networks. Few people have time to check all their social networks on a regular basis. Make sure you’re reaching your followers on their favorite channel by telling them where to follow you on Twitter, Facebook, and any other networks you maintain. Likewise, encourage followers on other networks to connect with you on LinkedIn.

We have more tips for mastering LinkedIn, including how to optimize your company page, in our new LinkedIn guide. Do you have any other tips for maximizing LinkedIn visibility?

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