5 Reasons to Use SlideShare for Lead Generation

Who knew presentations could become a source of leads for your company? If you aren’t currently using SlideShare for lead generation, it’s about time you consider joining the largest social “content” network.  When it comes to creating content, lead generation is the most important goal for B2B marketers, according to the study we mentioned in our previous blog post. If you need more convincing, check out 5 reasons why SlideShare should be a part of your lead generation strategy:

1) SlideShare presentations show up in the SERPs.

Keyword research, presentation optimization and social signals are important in determining this, but when done correctly and your presentation’s content is valuable, then you will see many viewers arriving to your presentation in organic search results.  As you can see below, the top 2 organic results are both from SlideShare.

SlideShare in Organic Search Results

2) PRO users have access to dynamic lead forms.

With a (fairly inexpensive) ‘PRO’ account, you have the ability to customize a lead form that will show up directly on your selected presentations. Viewers have the option to contact you directly to receive more information.

3) It taps into the demand for visually appealing, educational content.

According to MDG Advertising, 94% more total views on average are attracted by content containing compelling images than content without images. SlideShare fits well with other social channels where visual content is frequently shared. The ability to be creative and educational with SlideShare will increase your views and visibility.
LinkedIn & SlideShare

4) It integrates easily with LinkedIn & LinkedIn Advertising.

Last year, LinkedIn acquired SlideShare and because of this acquisition, SlideShare syncs easily into your LinkedIn efforts. You can post your presentations directly onto your profile and you have the ability to advertise using SlideShare presentations. These advertisements allow a visitor to view the presentation and even fill out a form without ever leaving LinkedIn.

5) It allows for simple creation and the ability to repurpose content.

Generate more leads with one piece of content. Take a look at successful content you’ve had recently. Maybe it was a white paper or infographic that generated leads and visibility. SlideShare is easy to use and allows you to break apart your original content and put it into an online presentation that will reach an entirely new audience.

Visit Fathom’s own SlideShare account for more information on digital marketing best practices.

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