5 Quick Tips for Improving your Facebook Advertising Campaigns

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Facebook Advertising is becoming more and more popular among companies and advertisers. Before you just jump into it, make sure you read some quick tips to help ensure you have a successful Facebook Advertising campaign.

1. Use Facebook Power Editor. Power Editor is a great feature for making bulk changes to ads. The interface is very user friendly and changes can be made to multiple ads with just one click. This obviously helps save time, but it also helps to improve efficiency!

2.  By pausing off campaigns for a couple days, you can avoid ad fatigue and help keep your CTR high.

3.  Rotating images on ads is another great way to help keep your ad fresh and avoid ad fatigue.

4. Take advantage of all the reporting information including Responder Demographics, Advertising Performance, and Conversion by Impression Time. Use this information to break out campaigns and make them more targeted. Different demographics respond to ads differently!

5.  Keep your landing page relevant to the information you have in the ad copy. More often than not ad copy doesn’t seem to match up with the landing page. This can lead to poor conversion rates and wasted marketing dollars.

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