3 Ways to Improve Media Relationships With Social Networking

Like Button | Social Media Networking, according to businessdictionary.com, is “creating a group of associates and keeping it active through regular communication for mutual benefit.” When it comes to placement pick-up, networking and relationships are vital. Online public relations professionals would like to ensure their company’s visibility is apparent on the most relevant, popular media sites. One way to increase the likelihood of your press release, article, video, etc. being picked up by popular media sources is to develop relationships. That being said, here are 3 tips to improve media relations:

1) Be selective when it comes to identifying key influencers.

If you’re throwing social love to anyone and everyone, it may come off a bit too eager. Also, you want to gain the right attention from specific thought leaders. Gaining attention from a key influencer in a very niche topic can increase your own recognition as a thought leader.

2) Engage and build relationships with journalists.

Recently, I had the opportunity to ask journalists and popular bloggers about their experience with online pitches. They all agreed that sending in a short pitch via social media, specifically Twitter, increased the chance of article pick-up. But in order to start pitching, you have to start building relationships. Start by retweeting them, mentioning their articles and asking relevant questions. When an opportunity comes along, these writers will remember the initiative you took and the relationship you built with them.

3) Use those excellent communication skills!

As a public relations or marketing professional, you know how to write. Remember the networking definition above, “regular communication for mutual benefit.” You may have an end goal in mind, but remember what your content is providing for others in the network. Also, journalists and bloggers appreciate brevity. Social media doesn’t give you a chance to be long-winded, so keeping it short but memorable is even more important.

More than half of all journalists have Twitter accounts. Social media is a way to access these connected people directly, establish your own thought leadership and increase the chance of your content being picked up by the right media.

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