15 Ideas for Fresh Blog Posts

You’ve been here before. Staring at your blank computer screen, just waiting for words to come to you, but they never do. Writer’s block can happen to anyone and is especially difficult to overcome when you’re trying to think of something fun and engaging to blog about. To help you nip writer’s block in the bud, here are 15 ideas to get your blogging juices flowing.

  1. Share an excerpt from a white paper or article with a call to action to download the complete work.
  2. How-to blog posts. Give instructions with screenshots or photos on the steps someone should take to complete a certain task.
  3. Do a round-up of the last month’s/week’s/year’s most popular blog posts.
  4. Share conference takeaways. If you’ve recently attended an industry conference, share what you’ve learned and how you’ll apply the lessons you’ve learned.
  5. Respond to industry research with your own perspective. Be seen as a thought leader on a particular subject, and spark some interesting conversation.
  6. Do a daily or weekly round-up of links to relevant industry news.
  7. Interview an expert at your company or in your industry and post the recording or transcript on your blog.
  8. Blog about breaking news and be the first in your industry to lend your opinion to the news.
  9. Interview a customer and post a recording on your blog.
  10. Publish a post relevant to the season or holiday.
  11. Share company news such as promotions, acquisitions, awards, etc.
  12. Look at what people are tweeting with popular industry hashtags. There could be a blogging goldmine just waiting to be uncovered!
  13. Debunk common myths in your industry.
  14. Run a contest on your blog and give away something relevant to your audience.
  15. If you’ve just created a video promoting your company or products, write a quick introductory paragraph and upload your video to you blog.

Do you have other writer’s block-proof blog post ideas? Share them below!

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