Yahoo Steps Up its Game by Unveiling a New Search Experience

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Earlier this week Yahoo unleashed a new addition to its search engine. It has a more streamlined look and feel, and it focuses primarily on presenting entertainment news results in a more user-friendly way.

I am a person that thrives on order and organization. I live for to-do lists, I love being able to find a systematic structure for things and I’m a huge fan of efficiency. And while I’ve never been one for stalking celebrities in the tabloids or staying on top of every new movie or CD that comes out, I enjoy being able to access that information easily when I want it.

Because of all that, I see Yahoo’s new search engine features as a change for the better. It boasts that it’s “Everything you love all in one place” and the focus is all about an easy search experience. Fewer clicks and more information organized and located in a central place are the keys to the new Yahoo search.

Let’s dive into a few of the specifics. First off, on the Yahoo homepage there’s a section in the upper right hand corner called “Trending Now.” It’s a list of the ten most popular searches and topics and it’s updated regularly throughout the day. If there’s breaking news I’m interested in, this feature makes it even easier to find.

Now onto the good stuff – the news and entertainment features. When you search for movies and musical artists, there’s a new box at the top that returns results in four different categories, each of which is marked with a purple tab. Depending on what you’ve searched for, you’ll see a few different tabs.

For movies, the tabs that organize the search results are: Overview, Stories, Videos, Twitter.

  • Overview: Read the plot, view show times and locations and purchase tickets.
  • Stories: Check out reviews, find out if the film is nominated for any awards, etc.
  • Videos: Watch movie trailers, interviews and other related footage.
  • Twitter: Check out the latest Tweets on the movie.

On the overview tab there’s even a Netflix quick app that allows you to add movies to your queue so that they’re sent to you as soon as they’re released on film. Pretty cool.

Now, if you’re searching for musical artists the tabs are as follows: Stories, Videos, Albums, Twitter.

  • Stories: Provide the latest news and tons of pictures and images.
  • Videos: Watch music videos from all across the Web.
  • Albums: Sample songs from a current or upcoming album.
  • Twitter: Read what people are saying about the artist on Twitter.

I also did a search on Kim Kardashian to see if celebrities were included in the new search experience, and I was in luck. My search produced an Overview Tab with photos and breaking news (in case anyone’s wondering, Kim’s denying the rumors of dating Kanye West), a Video Tab and a Twitter Tab.

Well there you have it. The new Yahoo search experience in a nutshell. There’s a lot going on with this interface, and the best way to experience everything it has to offer is to try it out yourself by going to

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