Would You Like Links with That? Article Marketing for Generating Backlinks

Article marketing — or article syndication — can be a very useful Internet marketing tool. A good content syndication program helps improve the overall value of a website, helping with keyword rankings while also providing backlinks from directories that are trusted and valued by search engines. Additionally, article marketing can also provide a bit of "celebrity" status; well written articles will help establish the attributed author as an expert in his or her field.

The basic idea behind article marketing is for a business to create unique and interesting content related to its industry, and then to make this content freely available via article directories. These directories are highly valued by search engines because they have been around for a long time — decades in some cases. While most people no longer use Internet directories to find what they are looking for, they maintain credibility with search engines because of their longevity and because they are a great source for quality content. An Internet user doing a quick search for apple orchards near his home might not use an article directory, but someone researching apple orchards for a project might.

Article Marketing for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Keyword Rankings and Search Traffic –

One of the most easily visible benefits from a good content syndication program is that the articles typically rank well on target keywords. A well-written, properly optimized article about "Apple Orchards in Columbus" stands a very good chance for ranking on the first or second page on Google for related searches. Because each article contains a link back to the business or organization's website, traffic to the website will inevitably increase.

Article Marketing for Establishing Expert Authority –

Another great benefit of a good content syndication program is establishing a representative from your business or organization as a veritable expert in the field. Most content syndication websites allow you to create pen names for your articles. Once you have created a large library of well-written and informative articles on a particular topic, people will begin to associate your author's name with that subject matter. Once people recognize your author as an expert, they might search for other articles he or she has written for additional information. Most article directories even allow authors to create user profiles and biographies. Here you can include information about the your business (and, of course, a link to your website).

Article Marketing for Backlinks –

The links that are created through your content syndication efforts are great because they can serve as a direct source of traffic to your company's website. However, these links also have an indirect effect on traffic to your website. And this effect is considerably more valuable for your overall web presence in the long run.

Because search engines give a great deal of credibility to article directories, the backlinks from these sites to your company's webpage are extremely valuable. The number and value of the links directing Internet users to your website play a large role in determining how valuable the search engines deem your website to be. The more links to your site from other trusted and credible websites, the more valuable search engines think your website is. The bottom line? Search engines will be more likely to include your website on the first page of search results for all of your target keywords. 

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