When to use Branded Keywords

At a recent meeting with our client Elmer’s, the subject of branded keywords came up in the discussion. What role do they play in SEO and should you optimize for them? Good questions!

Branded keywords are those keyword phrases that include your company name and product (i.e. Elmers Glue, Elmers Glue Sticks). Since the search query includes the name of the company, most sites will naturally rank very well on keyword searches that involve the company name as a modifier. So should you optimize site content for keywords using your company name as a modifier?

In the example below, the term ‘glue sticks‘ has a large volume of searches each month with nearly 15,000. The branded version, “elmers glue sticks’, has a lower volume with an estimated 170 searches each month. Both keyword phrases have a high competition factor as indicated by the competition column.  Since the site is more likely to rank well for the branded phrase, we’d recommend that you optimize your site content for both.  The branded keywords are an easier sell to the search engine crawlers, which means you’ll compete for that smaller traffic volume in the short term while the crawlers ramp up indexing the non-branded keywords.

Branded Vs. Non Branded Keywords - Elmers Glue Sticks


As with all keyword phrases, you should test these on your site and see how your visits and engagement metrics react. In the end, the more good keyword-rich content you feed the crawlers, you’ll help them quickly find keyword themes and associate your brand name with your non-branded keywords.


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