What Is Google Caffeine, and How Will it Affect My Website?

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With the SEO program at Webbed Marketing, we are constantly keeping up-to-date on trends in the SEO and Internet marketing world.

Recently, a new point of conversation that came up is Google Caffeine.

Google Caffeine is the latest "tweak" in Google's algorithm, which affects how Web sites rank at Google's search engine. This most recent "algo-change" (as SEO people like to call them) is expected to provide more pages in Google's search results, in addition to being much faster. If these claims are true, this will be a nice addition to their already fast and in-depth search engine. However, the real question is…

How will this affect your Web site's search engine rankings?

The short answer: it depends. It depends on what you have done in your SEO efforts thus far. For the most part, Web sites that provide value to their visitors and avoid "tricking" the search engines will see very little difference, maybe slightly positive ranking boosts. The area where Google Caffeine will have a much larger impact is on sites that try to "fool" the search engines through manipulative or forced efforts.

One of the first areas where we have seen this effect is in Web sites with very poor inbound links programs. If your links program relies too heavily on one certain method of obtaining links, we have noticed that the new Google Caffeine will affect your search rankings in a negative manner. The same applies to Web sites that have many links from poor, spammy Web sites such as "link farms" and other "cheap and easy" link sources.

The key (as always) is to build out a well diversified links program.

Ensure that you obtain links from a multitude of sources and high-quality Web sites.

*Note* At Webbed Marketing, we have more than 10 different methods for obtaining links. Each are aimed at providing real value to the Web sites that are linking to our clients. Not only does it keep our clients happy with higher search rankings, it makes search engines, and the sites that are linking to them, happy by providing a way that they can provide more information and resources to their visitors.

Another area where Google Caffeine has had an effect is in "keyword stuffing." This means trying to "force" a keyword over and over again in the content, in hopes that it will help improve your search ranking for that keyword. This will not be nearly as effective with Google Caffeine.

Your content should be written for humans first, and search engines second. And the Web sites that have it backwards in order to "attempt" to have higher search engine rankings will be affected. The key (again) is keeping it real and having content that is truly valuable to your visitors. At Webbed Marketing, we aim to write content for our clients that appeals heavily to humans and search engines alike.

In summary, if your SEO program "keeps things real" with a well diversified links program and writes content for humans, Google Caffeine should have little affect on your search rankings. However, if you fear that you or your SEO company may be using "black hat" or even "gray hat" methods, you may see drastic decreases in your search rankings.

If that happens, be sure to call Webbed Marketing today and find out how we can help your company obtain better search engine rankings in a way that pleases both you and search engines, such as Google.

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