The Death of Yahoo! Search?

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Depending on how you look at things, this week’s news that Yahoo! organic search results are now powered by Bing, could signify the death of Yahoo search, or the birth of a stronger Google competitor.  Even though it’s still early in the partnership, now is the time to start figuring out the impact of this news from all angles.

What it means

The partnership itself currently does not involve paid search, but that’s expected to roll out sometime in October of this year.  With this news, Bing officially powers Yahoo organic search results in the United States and Canada, with other countries soon to follow.  The impact of this remains to be seen, but Bing stands to benefit a great deal. 

What it means for Bing

Yahoo has loads of end user data collected about search behavior, which Bing can benefit from.  End user data is one of the strongest indicators to search engines on how to perfect the algorithm and search experience, so Bing is gaining a lot of insight here that they didn’t have before.  In addition, Bing could see an increase in mobile search queries since Yahoo has put a lot of effort into emerging mobile markets.

What is means for end users

People who use Yahoo for their web and mobile searches will not notice much of a difference right away.  The interface on Yahoo is still the same and all the tools you’re used to are still offered.  For people who like the Search Assist suggestions, related topic suggestions, site filters and more, you’ll notice those options are still available to you.  The only difference you might notice in the look and feel of Yahoo is at the bottom of the search results page, written in small print it will say “Powered by Bing.”

What it means for SEO marketers

How does this affect the search engine marketing world?  The news of Yahoo being powered by Bing could actually make your job a little bit easier.  Now, instead of having to optimize for both Bing and Yahoo, you can focus your efforts on Bing.  That being said, if you’re not sure how to optimize for Bing’s algorithm, it’s time to start doing your research.  As an SEO expert, you should check out Bing Webmaster Tools and being to focus SEO efforts on Bing.  Conduct some spot checks too on both Yahoo and Bing and see for yourself how it all plays out.

So what do you think the impact of this is? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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