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SEO and Your Company Profile

By | January 3, 2012

The Company Profile – Why you’re missing the mark for SEO

On my down time, I read a lot of press releases, product announcements and general business news.  I must have issues, because it’s something I really enjoy!  Point being, I often read a piece of interesting content, e.g. a new product announcement, and am intrigued to learn more about the company.  Within the announcement, the company information is most often contained in a standard footer paragraph that has been approved by PR, and is very, very bland.  Not only bland, but it’s not catered in ANY way to the audience reading the given announcement, i.e. me.  Here are some ideas on how this could be done better, and why:

Part of my job is sales.  I work for a company that has a great deal of experience with technology and education clients.  If I’m speaking to an organization in the education industry, do you think I’m telling them about our wonderful experience and history with tech companies?  Of course not!  Take the same course with your public-facing content on the Web.  If you’re sending a press release about your new software product, then you might want to cater the company information to the audience that is reading the press release.  Instead of regurgitating your company history, ticker symbol and basic information – perhaps you could give the background of the product’s history and how it was created, with sprinkles of ticker symbols and company info to appease your PR and exec teams.  Think of this as your first impression with a potential prospect.  How much of the information within your “About Us” paragraph does the prospect really care about?

How does this help with SEO?
Typically, every press release, article, blog post and any other content on the Web has the exact same company info paragraph with the exact same links pointing to the homepage.  Boring!  Mix it up, and your readers (along with Google) will thank you for it.  You’ll have a better range of anchor text and diversification of incoming links, both good for SEO.

This goes hand-in-hand with the positioning bullet point.  If I’m reading about your new product (this is a good time to clarify that it doesn’t have to be a press release … it could be a summary of one of your products on another external site or a video about your new features, etc.), then I’m also going to read about your company.  Typically, that’s when I’m going to click on a link to learn more.  If your company description is not catered to my needs, or if your website content doesn’t match the product I was previously reading about, then I’m likely to go away.  However, if I’m reading an external article that highlights a company’s attributes, then sends me to a corporate webpage that also speaks to this, your conversion rates will increase.

Implementing something like this can be tricky—I get it!  Start small.  Write a few versions of your company boilerplate and walk over to the PR office and ask for approval.  They’re busy folks, but are more likely to green-light something like this if you’ve taken the initiative.  Or, if you’re working with an agency like Fathom, we’ll take the initiative, and you can take the credit!


Image courtesy of joshme17 via Flickr.

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