Running PPC in a Tough Vertical? 1 Tip to Get More Leads for Less

Everyone running PPC, or any form of marketing for that matter, ultimately wants to see results. As Online Marketers, we’re fortunate to be able to measure almost everything we do, and as a result we obsess over the return on investment we generate for clients. Some industries are more difficult than others to create rapid returns, one that we’ve found can be especially challenging is the B2B Technology vertical.

B2B technology products and service providers are tough because they are extremely niche – sometimes selling something no one has heard of let alone searches for! These products are also usually very high ticket and very competitive, which means advertisers might have to be willing to shell out $20, $30, sometimes as much as $50 for a click all to land users on a page that has to educate and sell at the same time!

The solution to cost effectively marketing to this vertical, and other unforgiving industries like it, is to capture users early and cheaply and keep them engaged.

Let’s take a look at an oversimplified buying cycle that is typical for a technology company:

Consumer A: “Awareness Phase” example: The keyword “business VoIP advice” has an estimated first page bid of $2.50.

Consumer A: “Action Phase” example: The keyword “business VoIP provider service” has an estimated first Page bid of $29.00 per click.

Consumer B: “Awareness Phase” example: The keyword “why outsource IT services” has an estimated first page bid of $3.50

Consumer B: “Action Phase” example: The keyword “outsourced IT services” has an estimated first Page bid of $15.00.

Consumers in the “action phase” know what they want and are ready to get it. Consumers in the “awareness phase” aren’t ready to buy but want to learn more. A white paper or a case study can usually cover the needs of both and makes a great incentive to fill out a lead form when offered as a download if you can only run one landing page for both kinds of users.

Of course, there is usually less traffic around long tail “awareness phase” keywords, but why not test them out? Not only do they cost much less, but the competition around them is not nearly as high. You will usually find a greater likelihood of your ad being shown in one of the top positions with this strategy.

The next time you’re bidding on keywords that are running more per click than the cash in your wallet, think outside the box by targeting more upper funnel “awareness” type keywords. If you already have keyword lists, consider getting started with qualifiers such as “advice”, “how to improve”, etc.  This will target those consumers just looking for a little information not a sales pitch. Speaking of sales pitches, try this tip out, if the results surprise you, consider requesting a free PPC evaluation from Fathom today!

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Ben Goldman is a Senior Online Advertising Specialist for Fathom's Healthcare Team. He specializes in paid search and display. Ben oversees the day-to-day management of his accounts, proactively coming up with new strategies. Ben is passionate about exceeding client goals. He really cares about his clients and will do whatever it takes to solve their problems. In his spare time, Ben enjoys spending time with family and playing sports.

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