Mobile Sites, SEO a ‘MUST’ for Manufacturers

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4828169812_d44fc48af2_zMobile phones have become a way of life.  According to 2014 Pew Research data, 90% of Americans have mobile phones and 58% own smartphones.  “Americans” is a large dataset, so Fathom decided to conduct a survey of manufacturing end users to better understand their Internet usage patterns.  We found that 100% of these busy B2B professionals owned smartphones.  Check out some of the statements Fathom received from end users:

“I use my smartphone for everything … checking email, viewing instructional videos, training, etc.” –Health Safety Equipment Manager.

“I use [my smartphone] mainly for search and checking emails.” –Equipment Manager

“If I can’t find what I need on a website, I move on.” –Purchasing Manager

User experience is key to digital marketing success.  If your mobile end users get frustrated visiting your non-mobile site, you can bet they will leave your site and look for an alternative solution (e.g., your competitors).  This represents lost opportunities in terms of both client acquisition and retention.

You may be thinking to yourself: My company has a mobile site; we’re all set.  Think again. According to Google, non-optimized pages won’t rank as well in mobile search.  This means that traffic from Google will suffer.  For additional data and tools to check mobile page speed, read my colleague Matt Keough’s post on the subject.

Now that you’re more aware and interested in what your customers are saying, stay tuned for a video on our Manufacturing End User Survey coming in Q1.


Photo courtesy of Roy Luck via Flickr.

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