Media Alert: Information on Google's "Farmer" Algorithm

Members of the Webbed Marketing team are available as expert sources for the media and other outlets covering Google’s new algorithm change, which has greatly affected the SEO strategies of businesses today.

 “The new algorithm penalizes ‘content farms,’ which are websites that feature a lot of low-quality content,” Ryan Whiteside, SEO expert at Webbed Marketing, said.  “These sites are noticing their search ranking has dropped substantially.  In fact, Google even released a tool for their Chrome browser that allows people to block certain sites from appearing in their search results.”

This algorithm change means that businesses need to be very aware of the content on their site, and avoid duplicate content from other sites.  Now that Google is becoming more sophisticated with these trends, it notices even when a site has re-worded the thoughts of others, not just copying word-for-word.

Webbed Marketing has specialized in search engine optimization since its founding in 2006.  Now, the firm is widely recognized as an expert on the ins and outs of search engine marketing and pay-per-click advertising, especially regarding the changes with Google’s algorithm.  With the recent concerns relating to this change, more and more stories are popping up with advice on how to keep high search ranking and credibility on Google. Webbed Marketing serves as a valuable source for those covering Google search news.

For more information, contact Courtney Cooper at ccooper@webbedmarketing or 614-291-8456.

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  • Thanks for the work you have done with my website. I really appreciate the confidence I get in knowing that you are on top of changes and my site is “protected” when Google makes changes.

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