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Pizza places in Cleveland, Manhattan hotels, Nail salons near Atlanta. Local searches are growing in popularity. Search engines recognized this growing interest in localized searches and have made it even easier for searchers.

People no longer have to specify their location to get localized results. Search engine sites will automatically do it for the searcher, making search results more relevant. So, how can you compete in this local search world?

While there are a variety of important factors that contribute to your presence in local searches, keeping your content fresh and local-focused is a major component.

Localized Content for Localized Searches

Keeping your content fresh and updated will automatically make it stand out more to search engines. On an on-going basis you should be working to add new pages to your site and update your existing content. Whether that means creating a blog or just editing pages on a regular basis, the fresher your content is, the better chance you have of showing up in search results.

To target your content to users in specific cities, develop a content strategy that surrounds your geographical area. Use your content and link structure to tell search engines that your site is relevant to users in a specific geographical location.

Some new localized pages that you can add to your site include:

  • Shipping rates
  • Sales tax differences
  • Store locations
  • Content focused on different climates
  • Directions to your locations

Focus your existing content on your geographical area by highlighting community events and linking out to local sites using specific cities and neighborhoods as your anchor text. Incorporate the names of cities and suburbs on your pages and be sure to have a page dedicated to your address, a local map and directions to your business.

The main goal of your localized content strategy should be to offer users real value by providing relevant and valuable information specific to your location. Not only will you increase your presence in localized search results, but by targeting your focus to local users, you may actually increase your conversions.

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Have any local strategies of your own? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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