Local Search: The Importance of City-Focused Service Pages

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Local factors are playing an increasingly important role in the search engine results pages (SERPS) as search engines refine their algorithm to serve up results personalized to the user’s location.  That means it is vital for businesses to make sure that their websites are optimized to deliver great locally-focused service information to potential customers.

One of the verticals that I specialize in is local home improvement, and I’ve noticed that the right locally-focused onsite strategy can lead to great results quickly for companies that want to rank for relevant searches in their service areas.  This is due to a couple of factors: first, these local terms usually have a relatively low search volume and very little competition; and second, most competitors usually haven’t yet done a very good job of honing their web presence and SEO.

One of the most effective things a local company can do to help attract organic visitors to its website is this: create individual, unique pages that focus on products and services available to each city in your area.  This strategy is easy to implement, helpful to your customers, and can quickly lead to an increase in relevant organic traffic and conversions.

Here are some simple steps to follow when creating city-focused service pages on your site:

Make a list of every single city that your company services.

Don’t just include the big cities; make sure that you list the smaller towns and communities, as well.   Potential customers in small towns are looking for your services, too, and having a page dedicated to their community can lead to some unrealized revenue for you.

Create a simple service page for each one of the communities in your list

Make sure to include the city name and your main services in the page title.  The page itself doesn’t need to have a huge amount of content; just describe your company and the services that are available to the people in that particular location.

Make sure that the content on the page is completely unique (not copied from another page on your website) and try to include some information that is specialized to that city or town.  Additionally, make a point to mention to zip codes in the city that you service, as well.

Link to the new pages from another location on your site

It’s fine to link to the individual city-focused pages from your homepage if they aren’t too numerous, but you don’t want to clutter things up with too many links.  If you have a lot of city pages, it might be best to create a page called “Our Service Areas” (or something similar) and link to each city page from there.

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