Leveraging Your Linkbait

When you are attempting to create effective linkbait, it can be a shot in the dark. You think you have a great idea, but will people really respond to it?  And if by chance they do respond to it, what should your next move be?

Linkbait is a complicated area of search engine optimization. Knowing the steps to creating effective linkbait isn’t enough. You need to know how to leverage any success you have in rankings to keep the momentum of your linkbait going.

While you may be celebrating from the success of your well-written, attention-grabbing SEO content, you need to find what to write next. One way to find your next topic is by typing your keyword into Google and scanning the many suggestions that come up. Every one of the topics could be the focus of your next piece.

It’s an important note to consider, that Google Suggest leans on new content, rather than just search query data. That means if you take the time to write about topics related to your successful piece, you could find more success than you thought possible. Plus, since people are looking for relevant articles, you don’t have to spend hours writing like you did for your original linkbait.

The real problem sets in when the newsworthy aspect of your original linkbait is gone. There are a few ways to continue the momentum of your linkbait even after the excitement of the content has passed:

  • Create short pieces that sum up other articles on your topic
  • Create a recap of a related topic
  • Create content surrounding any updates on your topic
  • Don’t be afraid to repeat ideas – but only use original content
  • Repost your original article on Twitter using a pull-quote instead of your title

Use your time wisely and leverage your successful link building for all it is worth. You took the time to research it, write it and promote it, keep its success lasting as long as possible.

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