Is DMOZ Still Worth Submitting To?

By October 24, 2011 SEO No Comments is widely considered one of the most valuable directories on the Web. It gained high value from Google because of the highly selective process it takes for a website to get into the directory.

However, as the Internet evolves, some things can and do change. This is what has happened with DMOZ. While Google used to have a version of DMOZ called the Google Directory, they found that this directory was used very little. Over time, Google started relying on it less and less, and relying more and more on Web search. With that said, there are a couple important things you should know about DMOZ.

First, it’s still sometimes used by Google in their search results to display a snippet of what a site is about. If you block a page with a robots.txt, Google is unable to crawl that page and therefore unable to find anything useful to display as a description in their search result. Google can see the anchor text of the link, but that’s really all of the information they can gather.

This is where DMOZ can come in. Google trusts DMOZ and their team of editors, so if DMOZ says a website is about a certain topic, Google trusts that and can use that as a description snippet in their search engine.

Second, regarding the value of a DMOZ link, there aren’t any special bonus points with Google because it’s from DMOZ; it’s treated as any other link. However, DMOZ pages tend to have a higher PageRank than other websites. In that respect it’s a highly valuable link if you are successful at getting listed.

With that said though, if you get a link from a respected authority site, that link can carry the same (if not more) value to your website than a DMOZ link.

Bottom line: treat DMOZ as a great linking opportunity that you can and should submit your website to. However, it’s not the end of the world if your website isn’t included in DMOZ, as there are plenty of other great linking opportunities on the Web.

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