Want to Pump up Your Link-Building? Create an Infographic

Infographics. Everyone has heard of them, and everyone is trying to use them to enhance their SEO efforts, promote their brand, increase awareness about a particular product, service, cause, industry phenomenon, up-and-coming trend … you get the point.

They’re one of the hottest crazes to hit the search engine marketing industry this year, and there is tons of potential for these visual data representations to grow in power, prominence and influence.

Aside from their aesthetically pleasing way of presenting information, infographics are a fabulous way to pump up your link building efforts. That’s because infographics are fun. They’re eye-catching. They provide information that’s easy to digest. And they’re enjoyable to look at. Sometimes they’re even amusing and entertaining, or they can be used to create controversy around an issue. In other words, they have a buzz factor.

On top of all that, they are a great way to build links to your website, and promote your brand across the web. Instead of using an article or blog post to talk about your company’s products or services, analyze a topic, or provide an industry overview, you can create a unique infographic that will display your information visually, and include an inbound link to your site.

Some of the top benefits of creating an infographic include:

  • Promoting your brand in a fun, unique and interesting way
  • Representing important information in an easily digestible manner (we all know the majority of online users hate to read)
  • Eliciting an emotional response from readers
  • Hosting the visual data on your domain (creator’s rights)
  • Getting inbound links back to your site
  • Requesting inbound links that have specific anchor text for keywords you are targeting
  • Promoting your brand/products/message to influential bloggers
  • Raising awareness through social media channels
  • Increasing site popularity

A good infographic takes time to create – and you’ll definitely need to enlist the help of a talented graphic designer – but the end result is well worth it. These powerful new SEO gems have the potential to create some great results, while really ramping up your link building efforts in exciting new ways.



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