How to Keep the Spam Out of Local Content

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Does this sound like your business? You know it’s important to create unique and original content, but you serve clients in cities all over the United States and want to target them all through your website.

The hard part about creating locally-focused content is making it unique. You can’t just take one page of content change the city and swap out a few words here or there. This is spam! While you may have seen this strategy done before, producing low quality content is never a long-term solution for targeting your audience.

With a little creativity you can create a content strategy that will help you target local keywords without making more work for yourself and without the need for low-quality content.

Highlight what’s unique

When you are looking to create pages for a specific location, talk about what you offer that is unique to that area. It’s important to diversify the content you are creating. If you can develop content that caters to a specific geographic location, it is more likely to be relevant and high-quality.

For example, if your company sells windows throughout the United States, highlight the important features based on the geographic location. Think winter for eastern states and summer for the west coast.

Let your customers share their story

Who said you had to write all the content anyways? Testimonials are a great way to develop locally-focused content. Ask customers to share stories about their personal experiences with your products/services. This is a great way to naturally build content that integrates your local keywords.

Vary your content pieces

Content isn’t just words. You can use videos with transcripts, infographics, comics, images with captions, case studies and other strategies to target the different cities you serve.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to integrate local keywords into your content. Use content that you would normally create and craft it for the different audiences you hope to target.

Have any ideas to add to our list? What types of content strategies do you use? 

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