Top 10 Guide for Healthcare: On-Page SEO

Changes in the healthcare industry present big opportunity for healthcare organizations to expand their business and protect their existing ‘territory.’ In the past 6 months, the increase in merger and acquisition activity has been significant and exciting. With rapid change comes risk, and the faster the change, the harder it can be to keep up with SEO.

In our 6+ years of experience in healthcare marketing, one of the biggest challenges we see organizations face is alignment between key Web & IT initiatives and strategic digital marketing initiatives. The KPIs for each group can be very different. Web and IT typically focus on transactional efficiency, security, website availability, and back-end integration with key internal systems. Digital marketing typically focuses on the user experience, patient/client acquisition and quality metrics of the website traffic. These two competing philosophies can result in key components of healthcare SEO falling through the cracks.

Alignment between Web, IT and digital marketing is a necessary first step to maintaining an optimized website that creates a reliable crawl environment for the search engines and a user experience that will create brand loyalty and repeat ‘customers’ on the user side. Openly communicating key initiatives between the two groups will ensure that both are aware of the overall website road map.

As new content is added to the page catalog, there are simple on-page SEO components that should be implemented as the new content is created. A list of best practices for healthcare SEO will ensure that every page contains the same SEO components and avoids re-work projects required to update neglected pages.

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To get the conversation started, Fathom Healthcare created a list of the top 10 SEO components that need to be part of your on-page checklist. Download the free Top 10 SEO Guide for Healthcare and schedule time with your Web, IT and marketing partners to review and incorporate into your daily routine.

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