Is Google's Algorithm Keeping Your Business From Gaining New Customers?

With Google’s 200+ criteria in its ranking algorithm, it can be a continuous struggle to overcome your competition in the search results.  However, if you finally rank on that first page, does is equate with success?

High rankings are just the first step.  Next, the searcher must select and click on YOUR ranking result out of 9 others (or more) on a search page! But, have you given them a good reason to do so?

How is your first impression?  And now, if your business does show up in results, do your title tags and description capture interest?  Have you motivated the searcher with a call to action?

You win!  The searcher clicks and enters your website, but now what?

In a few seconds, can they QUICKLY discern:

  • What does this business do/offer/sell/promote?
  • Why would I want to do business here?
  • How do I contact this company?
  • Where on this site do I take the next step for action?

Does the searcher still need to be convinced you have a trustworthy site?  Besides proper spelling and grammar, consider the following items that establish credibility:

  • Testimonials
  • Logos of credible partnerships or awards
  • Notable clients
  • A guarantee
  • Updated news

So, will the visitor be motivated to take the next step in the buying process?  Are the benefits of the products/services clearly stated?  Does the message resonate with the various personae of typical buyers?  Is there an enticement to take the next step (phone call, lead form submission or purchase)?

Search results are just the beginning of online success.  Each variable described above needs to be monitored, adjusted and continuously improved.  Knowing that, are your analytics installed properly, utilized and understood so that this is possible?

Measurement is an entirely different (but common) problem for businesses.  More on that another day!



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