Google Offers Now Goes to 11! (Cities)

By September 7, 2011 SEO No Comments

In a time where Yelp, Facebook and others have been slicing and dicing their deals functionality, Google continues to speed up. Just yesterday, Google announced that Google Offers has lanched in Denver, Austin, DC, Boston, and Seattle, bringing the grand total of Google Offers locations to 11.

Clearly not content to stay still, Google has been kind enough to provide a handy list of cities that will be joining the Google Offers game in the near future right there on You can see that list of 27 “Coming Soon” locations in the graphic below.

While our native Cleveland isn’t on the list (yet), our new friends at Webbed will be able to play with Google Offers in Columbus in the near future. I think its safe to assume that Google Offers will be expanding to an even broader list of locations by the end of the year.

If you happen to be in one of the 5 new locations, then enjoy your Offers! The rest of us will just sit here quietly and wait to join you.

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