Google Caffeine – Big, Fresh and Here

It’s now official, Google Caffeine is live universally. Google posted about this on their blog last evening.  Matt Cutts also sat down with Danny Sullivan at SMX in Seattle in this video as well.  (With all that caffeine I wonder if they were sleepless?)

What becomes most apparent at first look is that this update is about speed of indexing new content as well as the really staggering amount of storage it takes to accomplish this task. “Freshness Matters”

I’ve not seen as many people notice another feature of Caffeine that may be the most “actionable” form an optimization perspective. Google now has more ability to associate data about any particular piece of content they index.  They are explicitly telling us that they are building capacity  into their algorithm to reference more indication of the quality or importance of a document. Also note that a document might not refer to just a web page, it could be a video or other content.

What does that tell us? Yes, your content will get retrieved and indexed more rapidly than ever before. But you also need to make sure that Google gets as many signals as possible that it is worthy of attention. Links to it, reviews of it, “Likes”, tweets and any bit of information that Google might be able to pick up are more important than ever. This has been fundamentally true for some time, but the number and nature of these signals of quality are only going to increase.

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