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Mobile platforms are extremely important in today’s world, which is why app store optimization (ASO) should be an important step in app creation. ASO provides developers with the opportunity to set their apps apart from thousands of others. As of June 2013, Apple’s app store has seen over 50 billion downloads since its creation, has 900,000 apps and 575 million paid customer accounts. In April, Apple’s app store had just over $5 million of revenue each day (via TechCrunch). With so much activity belonging to just one store, it is easy for an app to get lost in the action.

App store optimization is also one potential key to gaining attention in the busy market. The Moz Blog has an excellent guide on app store SEO. The article highlights that the primary way mobile users find apps is by using an app store’s search function, which is why ASO is so important. The author, Ian Sefferman, also covers tactics that sometimes vary from store to store due to Apple and Google running their platforms differently.

As seen in “App Store SEO: The Inbound Marketer’s Guide to Mobile,” here are some of the best ways to optimize your apps:

  • Use a strong app title – Ideally, the title of the app should include keywords and branding elements.
  • Customize keyword fields – Apple utilizes keyword fields, but not all stores do. Generally, there is a character limit, so use keywords that are relevant and have a high volume of traffic. The article also explains that keywords used in your title should not be placed in the field.
  • Create great visuals – Icons should be attractive and symbolize the brand. Screenshots of the app in-use should be used and they should demonstrate the app’s worth.
  • Use your description field wisely – The importance of a description varies depending on the app store. The Apple App Store does not use descriptions as a means of ranking an app; however, Google Play is the opposite. It uses the keywords within the description field since it does not have a keyword field.

The mobile app market is expected to continue with its tremendous growth. By 2016, it is estimated that there will be 310 billion global app downloads creating $74 billion in revenue across all app stores. By 2017, 25% of companies are expected to be active in the app store ecosystem (via Forbes). Even businesses with strong branding will have to utilize ASO tactics. Similar to websites, apps need optimization to stand out from the competition. Without attention from searches, it would be difficult for an app to get downloads, ratings and reviews.

The app store ecosystem is continuously changing with each passing day. All types of apps are being developed that provide assistance, or a laugh, to mobile users. Those apps sometimes just need a little push to get into the hands of ever-downloading app addicts.



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