Fortune 500 Companies Miss Their SEO Chance

Isn’t it odd that small businesses will do whatever they can afford to market their products and services, but Fortune 500 companies often put their heads in the sand when it come to search engine optimization?

You can get the latest sad results from Conductor, a leading provider of search engine optimization technology and services.

Here are two of the whoppers:

– “The Fortune 500 as a group spent approximately $51 million / day on 88,792 keywords – yet only 20.82% of these keywords rank in the top 100 natural search results.”
– “Only 1.41% of the domains (not companies) surveyed showed a significant number of their terms in the top results. In all cases these companies had domains with significant visibility issues that offset their overall score.”

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Just go to Google and search for notebook computers – (skip the quotes as many searchers don’t use them). Odds are, you’ll spot that expensive pay-per-click ad for Dell right at the top. Maybe on a good day, you’ll see an organic ranking, but usually I don’t see one in the top 10.

Sure, they probably rank naturally for some keyword phrases.

It’s not that they can’t rank for the natural spots – they just don’t bother. Their website is ripe for search engine optimization, but no one is trying. Maybe they gave up years ago.

My guess is it’s a branding issue. Sometimes SEO takes a little adjustment – often within the existing website architecture. But the right people don’t want to tinker.

Dell isn’t alone. Play with any number of Fortune 500 companies and you’ll see the same story over and over.

Actually, countless companies miss the boat. No one is leading the charge. Whatever the reason, clearly some top online marketing executives aren’t feeling the pressure with SEO.

In these tough economic times, maybe they have all the profits they need. Awesome. Maybe the PPC campaigns are going exceptionally well – delivering the traffic and sales they need.

I have to wonder, though. Who actually thinks it makes sense to ignore dollars that SEO bring? Large websites with plenty of content and links have an upper hand with top rankings. But they won’t get the maximum visibility if they don’t first come to grips with marketing short-sightedness.

Ironically, the solution is right in front of their eyes.

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