Fathom SEO Pulse #48: Major Changes to Google+ Local Pages & More

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Welcome to Fathom’s weekly SEO pulse, where our goal is to help you stay on top of any new strategies and changes in this integral part of your overall marketing strategy. Here’s the latest SEO news:

“Accelerated Mobile Pages for Google Search Coming Soon”

Google started testing out Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) in October and has now announced that they will start sending traffic to any AMP powered mobile sites early next year. http://bit.ly/1N8WiJq

“Official Details from Google On New Google+ Local Pages”

Google is making some major changes to the Google+ Local Pages. Features such as reviews, categories, directions, stars, photo uploads and more are no longer supported. http://bit.ly/1Nl1Ssj

“Google Removes Reviews from New Google+ Local Listings”

One of the major changes to Google Local Pages was the removal of reviews from the Google+ Local Listings. However, reviews are still in Google Search and Maps. http://bit.ly/1R3NavH

“Google Place Actions: New Rich Snippet Markup Coming Soon?”

There is a new link in the Google Rich Snippets documentation for “Place Actions.” It currently leads to a 404 page, but it likely means a new rich snippet will be available soon. http://bit.ly/1IAmnAd


“Three User Behavior Metrics That Make a Difference in SEO”

Click-through rate, pogo-sticking, and dwell time are the three metrics that could make the biggest impact on SEO. Make sure you’re doing all you can to improve these metrics on your site. http://bit.ly/1N5SUyX

“SEO for Franchises: Where to Focus”

If you have individual locations serving different areas, it’s important that they are visible in their localized search. http://bit.ly/1NasWdF

“Reddit: The Untapped Goldmine for Curated Content”

Looking for content ideas that your audience is actually interested in? Try Reddit! http://bit.ly/1QRIPg8

“Google Lists Sites Most Impacted By URL Removals, Google+ Included”

Google released the top 10 sites that were most impacted by “URL removals based on requests for content to be removed from Google.” A good majority of these sites are social media platforms, including Google+. http://bit.ly/1lpFYOd


Key Takeaways

Here are our key takeaways that we’ll be sure to focus on moving forward:

  • Google removing reviews from Google+ may not be a huge deal for SEO. Many searchers rely on the reviews in Google Search and Maps, rather than G+.
  • When trying to determine where you should place your focus to most impact your SEO, start with anything that will help with your CTR, pogo-sticking and dwell time. Make sure you are using white hat tactics. Google will know if you’re sending bots or paying for people to go to your site and improve these metrics artificially.
  • Whether you’re a huge chain or only have a handful of locations, it’s important that each location is visible to their individual area and that the local information is readily available.
  • Reddit is called “the front page of the internet” for a reason. It’s a great place to find your audience and see what they’re already talking about. You can then take those topics and create your own content that you know they’ll be interested in.

That concludes your weekly pulse. Check back each week to stay on top of any new strategies and changes to make sure you’re constantly using the best on-site and off-site SEO methods. Thanks for connecting with us!


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