International Search Is Not All About Google

Expanding your search marketing into international waters? Believe it or not, it’s not all about Google. I recently attended an International Search Summit as part of SMX Advanced. While I wasn’t shocked to learn that Google isn’t the #1 destination for all things search in other countries, some of the other major players and their unique solutions were a bit surprising.


Naver is the top search engine in South Korea, which has seen significant growth in mobile traffic lately. In fact, more people search using mobile devices than on desktops in South Korea. Because of this, Naver has been focusing on strengthening their mobile business through LINE, an app that allows users to text and make video and voice calls for free.


Similar to Naver, Baidu – China’s #1 search engine – is also expanding in mobile search. They have been increasing market share in Asia, Latin America and Africa. They recently launched Baidu Wallet, a mobile payment solution that lets users transfer funds, pay for online purchases and other bills. Baidu also offers a pretty impressive image recognition and translation tool. You can take a picture of something, circle it within the app, and it will then recognize what the object is and tell you what it is in both Chinese and English.


yandex rules russiaIn Russia, Yandex reigns supreme with over 60% of the search engine market share. Yandex has some pretty cool “widgets” built in which allow you to search for flight information, and will allow you to check in to your flight – all from within the search results page. Other built in features allow users to check traffic reports, locate a taxi and Facebook posts are also being indexed by Yandex so that popular posts will appear in SERPs.

As your business begins to grow into global markets, it is important to remember that searchers in other regions use different engines. These other engines are shifting focus to mobile search with apps that will let users easily check traffic and pay bills. It’s evident that mobile search will continue to grow domestically as it has internationally. Are you prepared to take full advantage of these unique features in order to maximize your exposure overseas?


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