Don’t Let the Arctic Blast Freeze Your eCommerce Site in 2014

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You might have on two pairs of pants right now, but that’s just because you’re smart. You’ve watched the weather forecast. You put on your long johns and got ready to face the subzero temperatures waiting outside your door.

You should approach your 2014 marketing plan in the same way. We’ve got your online retail forecast right here. Read our list of the top seven forecasted trends for 2014.

  1. Multichannel – Integrated marketing is the way of the future. If you’re not already doing it, get on board. Whatever you’re doing offline, you need to be doing online. Keep things consistent.
  2. Responsive design – Mobile is going to be a primary driver for eCommerce in 2014. But, you can’t completely ignore your desktop users. Responsive design is the ideal solution. This already booming trend will continue to grow in popularity as a way to provide all your users with a positive shopping experience regardless of device.
  3. Personalized shopping experiences – As the fight against larger merchants becomes more challenging for smaller online businesses, it will become even more important for personalized shopping. This involves identifying personalized product suggestions and offers for customizable products.
  4. Quality, unique content – It was a huge driver in 2013 and will only continue in 2014. As Google continues to change algorithms, “traditional” SEO methods will be replaced by content that is tailored and useful for target audiences.
  5. Free and fast shipping – There are always deals available online involving shipping. Free shipping and free shipping upgrades are one of the best ways to keep your customers. If you don’t offer fast and cheap shipping, your audience will shop somewhere else.
  6. Optimize mobile experiences – 2014 will be the year for mobile commerce. Quick shopping and pricing competition will assist in-store and online purchases. Having a streamlined and secure ordering process through mobile will be important in 2014.
  7. Be transparent – Shoppers are educated. They are careful about making purchases from online retailers. Be as transparent as possible in 2014. Let customers know where their products are coming from and share vendor information. Successful eCommerce sites will provide better clarity and certainty to shoppers in the coming year.

Don’t get snowed in this year. Pull out your shovel and start tackling this list one by one. Before you know it, you’ll have cleaned a clear path to retail success in 2014.


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