Consumer Brand SEO Pulse: 5.21.15

Welcome to the weekly Consumer Brand pulse, where we keep you updated on what’s going on in the world of SEO! Our goal is to stay on top of any new strategies and changes to make sure we are constantly using the best on-site and off-site SEO methods. It’s been a week of algorithm updates and announcements. Google confirms it made a “Quality Update” and Bing will soon roll out its own mobile ranking algorithm.

“​The Quality Update: Google Confirms Changing How Quality Is Assessed, Resulting In Rankings Shake-Up”

For the past few weeks, we have noticed major rank changes across most of our clients, and we weren’t the only ones. Google had been denying any official updates, until this week. Google has made “changes to its core ranking algorithm in terms of how it processes quality signals.” Google has not provided any specifics about this change, now dubbed the “Quality Update,” but we do know that this update “didn’t go after any particular class of sites or any particular sites. It was an update to the overall ranking algorithm itself.”

For more about how this update works and what it’s effecting, see “Phantom 2 – Analyzing The Google Update That Started On April 29, 2015

“Bing Will Roll Out Their Mobile Friendly Ranking Algorithm In The Upcoming Months”

Bing has already been showing “mobile-friendly” labels in their mobile search results. Now, it has announced that it will be rolling out its own mobile ranking algorithm in the next few months. Unfortunately, Bing has not given an official launch date. Bing’s four main requirements to be considered mobile-friendly: 1. Navigation 2. Readability 3. Scrolling 4. Compatibility.

bing mobile update

“Google: User Experience As A Ranking Signal Is Currently Only For Mobile Results, Not Desktop Results”

Google has confirmed that user experience does not affect desktop results. That is only a mobile ranking factor.

“How To Build A Customer-Centric Keyword Strategy”

In order to gain visits from your target audience, you need to optimize for terms they already search for. Here are a few ways to find out exactly how your customers search.

“Blogging and SEO: A Relationship It Pays to Nurture”

A regularly updated blog with valuable content is critical for SEO. A blog is a great SEO tactic that “allows websites to build their brand, traffic, and reputation.” Here are just a few reasons to make sure a blog is a part of your SEO strategy.

“Survey: Consumers Prefer Mobile Browser To Apps For Local Information”

Trying to decide whether a mobile-optimized site or app should be your priority? Optimize your site!

mobile site vs. apps

The big takeaway for this week: make sure your site meets Bing’s mobile friendly requirements and has quality content! That concludes your weekly pulse. Thanks for connecting with us!

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