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At Fathom one of the many online marketing activities we perform on behalf of our SEO clients is local search. Although many of our clients have a national or international target market, we still recommend they register and/or claim listings with the major local search engines. If we notice a client is ignoring an audience in their own neighborhood, we inform them of the lost opportunity to secure local business.

Managing local search for clients can be a challenge at times. Below are common issues we encounter:

– Existing profiles that aren’t tied to a known registration login
– Existing profiles that are duplicated
– Existing profiles that contain inaccurate information
– PIN verification postcards getting thrown away after we’ve submitted their listing

Basic steps to help improve or establish a local search presence:

  1. Start with (This is a great tool that reviews your current status with Google, Yahoo, Best of the Web, and Live)
    Even if you didn’t create a local search profile, they can be created by former employees, customers, or even pulled from other online sources.
  2. Perform a Google search for your company name and claim all local profiles you have not created
    Again, you may be surprised with what has been created or populated in some of the lesser known local search engines.
  3. Keep a spreadsheet with registration information, and verification status
    Stay organized so your company can make quick changes to profiles when necessary.

If you haven’t checked your local search status in the last year, now is the time! If you cannot capture a local searcher at the moment they are looking for your product or service, you are missing out on an easy opportunity for potential business.

Great Resources for Local Search:
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