A Birthday Present for Google

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Happy Birthday, Google! You are 12 today, and you are celebrating with an attractive Google Doodle. As with all Doodles, a click performs a search relevant to the topic of the image or event being observed.

I’m a sucker for surprises, so I clicked the link. It is a one word query – Google. And it is no surprise that most results are Google properties. Plus Wikipedia, of course.

Here is where I saw an opportunity to give Google a little gift. One of the results was for Google Toolbar.

This odd snippet could have been prevented if Google had included a Meta Description on the page.  Google has said the text of the Meta Description does not count towards keyword content density of a page, and therefore won’t help in rankings.  Some people think it is not worth writing one.

But we know that very often the Description serves as the snippet on the SERPs. This snippet can tell potential visitors (customers) why they should click through.

So with that in mind, I offer Google a birthday present. A proposed Meta Description for the Google Toolbar page.

“Download Google Toolbar and share any web page with your friends, get personalized results, and contribute to Sidewiki. It’s free and installs in seconds!”

All of the calls-to-action, appeals and benefits are on the page visitors see. Why not make sure potential visitors also see them?

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