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6 Simple Steps To Optimize Your Product Listing Ads

By | June 13, 2013

Comparison-shopping engines (CSEs) have always been part of strategies to drive revenue and promote products for e-commerce companies. However, recent changes in how Google handles its comparison shopping listings have changed how marketers need to look at CSEs.  Google’s Product Listing Ads, introduced as a paid service last year, allows companies to strategically market their products in a more prominent position on the results pages.

Are you getting the most from your Product Listings Ads (PLAs)?  Here are a few simple steps to make sure your campaigns are optimized to increase performance:

  • Monitor pricing – Are your products priced competitively?  Why would someone buy from you when the same product is displayed for a much lower cost?
  • Use “promotion” text – Take advantage of the ‘promotion’ text, especially if you run regular specials. This space offers up to 45 characters to differentiate your products from competitors with deals/promos/special offers.
  • Catch-all ad group – Create an ad group with a target of ‘all products.’ Keep this bid lower than your granularly targeted ad groups and consider this your “catch-all.”
  • Implement proper exclusions – Remember you can exclude search queries that aren’t relevant. Why waste budget on irrelevant clicks? You filter out negatives in search campaigns, why not in PLAs?
  • High-quality images – This may go without saying, but nothing is worse than looking at a poor- quality image when trying to buy a product!

And finally…

  •  Complement with text ads – As Google displays more products listing on the standard results pages, it is increasingly important to complement your PLAs with text ads and organic listings … in order to ensure page-1 domination!


Prepare for the August 2014 shopping search transition with Google Shopping and data feed optimization:

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About Ashley Hanna

A graduate of Bowling Green State University, Ashley holds a degree in visual communication technology. She is currently a senior online advertising specialist on Fathom’s e-commerce team. Ashley specializes in paid search for enterprise e-commerce and retail accounts. She enjoys problem-solving and working with clients to not only meet, but exceed their goals. With her creative background, Ashley enjoys writing new ad copy and dabbling in image ad creation. Outside the office she is an avid scrapbooker.


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